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Heroescon 2013 was this past weekend and boy was it a blast. They doubled the floor space and that allowed for everything to spread out a little better. A lot less bumping into strangers. They also had a pretty sweet guest list and some more fairly priced vendors than last year. Anyway, here's a day-by-day rundown:

Friday my wife and I shuttled ourselves to the Charlotte Convention Center and got our 3 Day Passes. The con floor opened at 11 so we started at one end of the floor and zig zagged all the way down to the other end checking out all the vendors that caught our eye. It took us three hours. We broke for lunch where the lines at the Convention Center restaurants were ridiculously long. We ate and regrouped. Now knowing where a lot of the things we wanted were, it was much easier to get around.

I made my way to the Cheap Joe's Art Supplies booth in hopes of finding a sketchbook, but they didn't have one that suited me. They did have a lot of great supplies though. As their store is less than an hour away and conveniently located near a Fuddruckers, I'll be paying them a visit soon.

I discovered a Vendor that was selling a ton of $5 trades and I picked up quite a few I needed. Mostly IDW GI Joe books. They had a GI Joe Field Manual for $5 that looked like it would have been fantastic for drawing reference, but I'm not much of an impulse buyer so I passed. Returned for it later, but alas....

Checked out :iconthejeremydale:'s table and chatted for a bit. His book Skyward just got picked up by Action Lab and is available for order in previews. He still had a few of the pencils only trades from when he was selfpublishing it so I was going to get one. He was kind enough to give it to me for free.

I'll say this: I've been going to Heroescon for years. 6 or 7 to be exact-ish. I can't always remember the creators. Sometimes, but I see these people once a year for three days and that's it. Usually if I recognize them it's because of their work. I also know that these same creators travel the country going to a lot more cons than I do. They see thousands more fans at these shows. So when a person I'm a fan of remembers me, as Jeremy and his wife :iconladykelly: always do, it really means a lot.

I browsed and saw some cool stuff I knew my trade-filled bag couldn't handle. I found a lot of things I said I'd go back for, a lot of which I'm still remembering I forgot about.

Got a cheap Johnny Cage loose figure in decent shape.

Grabbed every business card in sight. I started doing this not only as a way to look up people's work online, but as a defense mechanism against some people who guilt you into buying their book. I understand the troubles of self-publishing. I've read about it over and over, have been to Kablam!'s website time and again and even plan to go that route (hopefully sooner rather than later). But my favorite pitches are the one's that don't sound robotic and rehearsed. Short, sweet and to the point. They tell you what the book is about and let it be. But other's stare at you and make some sad, sad faces and you just feel so guilty when you don't want it. So I started with the whole "You guy's here all weekend?" thing. Obviously I have to avoid them on Sunday as that excuse doesn't really fly. I started grabbing the cards as a means of checking things out at home and deciding if I want to return and pick up the book.

Stopped by Thom Zahler's table to grab Volume 4 of his Love and Capes book. It's a great book, completely done by Thom, and might be the best written superhero book out there. I always enjoy talking to Thom. His analysis of why certain TV shows and Movies work or don't is always entertaining. We had a fun conversation about the pitfalls of Smallville. Man, am I still bitter about that show.

Got a Slam Dunk vol 1 Manga. Always heard it was good. I shall see.

Found two Marvel Digests for $1 each. Gravity and Mary Jane vol 2.

I also got some great shirts.


Busy. Busy. Busy. Line out the waaaaazoooooo.

You know who hates their jobs? Charlotte Convention Center employees. They seem to be going through the motions on pretty much everything they do. The only time they spring to action is when they find some arbitrary reason to boss people around.

Anyway, back to the good stuff:

We started the day by getting our picture taken in the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future. They took one with their camera and like twenty with our phones. Well worth it.

I picked up a LEGO Minifigure Customization book. That's gonna be fun.

Got a Yo Gabba Gabba! Book for my little niece.

I got Jeremy to do a sketch of Goliath from Gargoyles the Animated Series. He did an absolutely fantastic job. Easily my favorite sketch by him.

I slept like crap the night before and we had a graduation party to go to so we decided to bow out early.


Easily the best day of the con. The foot traffic had thinned out and some prices were coming down. I grabbed a few books I had seen the previous two days. I got Once Upon a Time Machine, a book of 25 sci-fi fairy tales. Also picked up Galaxy Man #1-4 and Hero Cats #0, two books with some cool premises. had a booth and was running daily drawings. I won and got $22 dollars off a Captain Kirk Polo shirt.

I found some Quarter boxes and got a ton of Ultraverse books and a few older Valiants. Put a small dent in my Amazing Spider-Man gaps and a big one in my Ultimate Spider-Man one.

Grabbed a Mary Jane HC for $7.

Found Essential Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 for $10.

A guy was selling some awesome TMNT prints for $10 so I got a Leo and Shredder.

I swung back by Thom Zahler's table and got him to a commission. I knew I wanted one from him but couldn't decide on the character. But after getting Jeremy's awesome Goliath sketch the day before I decided I wanted another one of the big gargoyle. Thom delivered big time. He's a great artist and writer and if you haven't checked out his book you've deprived yourself of some serious fun.

I had the hardest time finding a book called The Accelerators I had picked up a postcard of on Friday. Finally I found it and went to the table. The guy started with his pitch and when I told him I already had a card and wanted to purchase the book he threw in a free poster. Nice guy.

And we also got these amazing Alex Ross Superman Coasters from


Go to Heroescon. I've admittedly never been to another con. This one is local for me. But I know all these creators and fans who've been to all these other cons speak highly of Heroes so I imagine my bias can be set aside.

My regrets are that I didn't get that stinking Field Manual, I forgot to revisit a few booths and I passed on an epic and cheap Daredevil statue that vanished.

I also wish :iconlostonwallace: could have been there. He's been truly kind and helpful to me on here and I was looking forward to getting an awesome sketch. Next Year :)

All-in-all, I miss Heroes already.
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